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What it is: 

Peruze is an application that I developed in collaboration with two Wharton MBAs. The goal of Peruze is to change the way people exchange items, taking away the mystery of both the seller and the buyer that exists with things like Craigslist. It allows for a type of bartering that happens all the time in todays world, but has no interface. Using facebook login, we verify the identity of both people engaging in each exchange, so you don't have to worry about exchanging items with a robot or a devious rando. 

My responsibilities:

I was primarily responsible for the development of the application, although I served as the design lead as well, since I have experience in UI/UX design. Mostly, I dealt with all non-administrative matters regarding the development of the application until my time was up with the company, at which point I had implemented everything but part of the backend of the application (which was outsourced after I left to return to school).


UI/UX, Logo & Iconography


Technologies Utilized:

  • CloudKit 
  • CoreData
  • Swift 1.2 & 2.0
  • TestFlight Beta Testing
  • Unit Test
  • NSOperation
  • Facebook API