UPenn Projects

DigUro (ESE 350: Embedded Systems)

I could write an entire blog on this project. In fact, I did!

Docking Station (ESE 215: Circuit Theory)

The goal was to take the output from a normal 1/8" aux phone output and filter the treble and bass into two separate speakers. We were given target cutoff frequencies (Treble: 8k-10kHz, Bass: 50-250Hz), and a transformer (to step the wall AC voltage from 120Vrms down to 12Vrms).

Filter Design

Input: 0 to ~300mV from aux cable. Output 1V/V gain with the following pass frequencies: 8k- 10k (treble) and  50-250Hz (Bass)

Power Supply Design

Input: 120Vrms from Wall. Output: +12V at Vp and -12V at Vn

Amplifier Design

Input: Vmusic from the filter component. Output: Voltage across speaker (denoted with 8Ω resistor).

BluZone (PennAppsXII)

Languages Used:

  • Swift 2.0
  • Arduino

Technologies Utilized:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Adafruit Blufruit Bluetooth Module
  • CoreBluetooth API


  • Ben Bernstein (website)
  • Sahithya Prakash

Go to BluZone on DevPost

    Tetris (CIS 120: Prog. Languages & Techniques)

    Language Used:

    • Java

    Technologies Utilized:

    • Swing Library
    • Custom Drawing
    • Git

    Go to Tetris on Github