Goodpasture App

Programming Languages:

  • Objective-C

  • Swift


Programs Used: 

  • Xcode (IDE)

  • Adobe Photoshop (Image Editing)

  • Keynote (Prototyping)

Technologies Utilized:

  • Twitter/Flickr API

  • REST

  • Custom UIViews

  • Custom Programatic Drawing

  • Interface Builder

  • UITableView/UICollectionView


This application is meant to combine all of the media that Goodpasture Christian School releases. Along with current news updates, access to school event calendars, and a direct youtube feed, this application allows students to log onto their personal secure portal to receive their grades. I originally came up with the idea out of frustration of having to go to six different websites to get information about the same school, and since I needed a project to delve more into iOS programming, I decided to develop this application. I designed, developed, debugged, and pitched this application to the academic superintendent. Although I am proud that this is my first major programming project, I have become a much better programmer through my courses at UPenn, and I'm anxious to see what comes of my next projects.