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The Sensor Works! Or does it...

Does the Sensor Work?

Multiplexer network, and other interesting doodles

Multiplexer network, and other interesting doodles

We have been hard at work for the past week prototyping the new idea that we have had, and the good news is the sensor design looks like it is going to work wonderfully! The bad news is that 85 inputs to a micro controller is REALLY hard. We've got a multiplexer network to go from the 85 inputs down to a single input using 7 select signals (right). But unfortunately, there is something wrong with the multiplexers right now that we still have some debugging to do! We'll get it, but we'll need all the good wishes, finger closing, knocking on wood, and prayers that you can spare. 






I know! It's not pretty, but this is just the first rough prototype! We are planning on putting everything from the wires coming out of the container to the board into a PCB, and we've got a few more tricks up our sleeves that you'll see implemented in the next few iterations. Sensor test data below!


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