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The PCB is off being manufactured as I write this. Special thanks to the Prakash family and all the hard work of the people at Pactron Inc. They have been invaluable assets in the process of verifying the schematic and board layout, and they're currently working on the fabrication. 

Full Schematic

Zoomed Schematic

3D Board Layout View


We are programming the Leonardo's onboard Atmega32u4 using C and uploading the code to the board with a makefile. So far, we have written all of the code for the multiplexer select lines, the power demultiplexer select lines, and the analog to digital conversion of the input voltage from the sensor. While we haven't been able to test (see PCB), we have tested similar code on the previous column, and we obtained correct data. 


We have decided to use the Arduino :: Leonardo because it gives us the right amount of versatility with the pins and the right number of I/O to be able to do all of the multiplexer switching, value reading, power switching, and screen output. 


We have finished laser cutting the front, both sides, bottom, top and all of the column separators. We are waiting to cut the back of the container until we can verify that the PCB has the correct dimensions and all the components are in the correct places. We'll make holes in the back accordingly, accounting for the necessary error. 

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