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Testing Liquid Level Sensors

Sensor Test #2 : Liquid Level Sensor

with Trevor the trash can and Glad cling wrap. 


The goal is to obtain a characteristic for the Liquid Level Sensor by Adafruit when it is not touching the liquid in the container. To do this, we used a trash can (which we named Trevor) as a rectangular prism to hold water and wrapped the sensor in Glad cling wrap to prevent it from touching the water but still allow it to feel the pressure from the water. Then, we filled the container 1/2 in at a time and graphed the corresponding data. The results are below. 


The sensor's data sheet details that the actuation depth of the sensor is at 1", but as you can see in the graph below, we found that it was closer to 1.5", something that we will have to take into account as we move forward with the design. Fortunately, once the sensor has reached 2", it is relatively linear, an auspicious test, even with the drawbacks. 

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