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Testing Force Sensors

Sensor Test #1 : Force Sensor

Our first task is to see how accurate we can be with each of these solutions, and we begin with Solution #3 : The Pressure Reservoir.


To test the sensitivity of the force sensors to liquid, we used a plastic cup, a force sensor (FSR 406), and a rudimentary circuit connected to a voltmeter. The force sensor works by changing resistivity based on the amount of force applied to the active area of the pad.

The Cup

The Cup

The Force Sensor ( FSR 406 )

The Force Sensor (FSR 406)

The Setup

The Setup


The force sensor that we used can only detect ~0.2N - 20N, which corresponds to ~20.39mL - 2039.43mL of liquid in each column. Because we could only start measuring when each column has 20mL, that puts our error margin at 100mL minimum (5 columns with ±20mL error in each). Also, we ran into an issue with accuracy: the sensor never stabilized, so we could not even get accurate enough readings to put into data for this experiment. 


Solution #3 : The Pressure Reservoir is not going to be the best solution for DigUro.

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