Hi. I'm Phillip. 



My first job was working customer service for my parents as they took pictures of sports teams at a local park. My first entrepreneurial adventure was selling origami frogs and fortune tellers to my friends in middle school. But as time dictates, we all have to grow up sooner or later, and with that I moved into a more professional realm. I built, owned, and ran a greenhouse business for a few years leading into high school, and then I got a job working in technology for Goodpasture Christian School (my high school). I spent 4 years at Goodpasture working as a technology assistant, and I am pretty sure that I've seen every issue that could possibly plague an Apple computer, a projector, an iPad, or any other form of technology that Goodpasture owned. It was my job while there to help ensure that the campus ran smoothly, and it was one of the most fun jobs that I've had to date. Every day I was confronted with a new problem, a new issue to solve. Not just did I work with electronics, I worked with people: team members, classmates, teachers, and administrators. I learned many invaluable lessons about both technology and teamwork. 

Summer 2015 (Peruse, LLC)

The summer of 2015, I worked for a New York startup called Peruse, LLC. I was their sole software developer and UI/UX expert. I worked many long hours taking the ideas of two Wharton MBAs and designing, developing, and  programming them into existence. The final project is on the App Store! See Portfolio for more.

Summer 2016 (Xilinx, Inc.)

I spent the summer of 2016 interning for Xilinx, Inc. I was in the ethernet MAC and Interlaken COE working on automation, verification, characterization, and validation of the CMAC and Interlaken hard blocks on the next generation Virtex Ultrascale and Virtex Ultrascale + product lines. My summary is that Xilinx is a fantastic company to settle down at, but maybe not for the first few years of college. I want to work 60 hours a week changing the world with my blood, sweat, and tears for a little while. I created a page about my experience here.

Fall 2016 (ETH Zürich)

I studied abroad in Zürich, Switzerland for my Junior fall semester at ETH Zürich--the #1 university in the world for computer science. My favorite part of this experience (second to hiking) was working on an operating system under one of the best researching systems groups that exist. 

Summer 2017 (Xilinx, Inc.)

So you're probably wondering why I went back to Xilinx. Well, I sent my previous manager an email detailing that I was interested in networking, embedded systems, operating systems, and security. She sent me back an email to call her because she had projects involving the first three, which included digital hardware design and software design.

Looking Forward

My end goal is to work in the computer industry making a difference--I want to improve peoples' lives. I have a strong passion and love for all things computing, and I'm no less than ecstatic about my future career in the industry. I'll follow the opportunities and connections wherever they take me, hopefully on a worthwhile adventure. 




I grew up in a small town about 20 minutes outside of Nashville. My upbringing has included everything from digging a pond with a bulldozer at the age of 8 to bailing hay just before college. It was definitely an interesting beginning to my story, and it doesn't predict the ending very well. I went to a medium-sized high school where I made some wonderful, life-long relationships with teachers, other students, and faculty. 


Now, I live in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. I spend most of my days working on homework and going to class. I have an awesome set of friends who help push me out of my dorm and into the massive adventures that lie in Philly--we work very hard and play hard when time permits. I'm currently a junior, and I've become so much better of a programmer, engineer, problem solver, and well-rounded person by being at UPenn. I just can't wait to see where it takes me in the next few years. 


Looking Forward

There are a few things I want looking forward. I definitely want to travel often and see the world. However, most of my personal future will probably be decided by my professional future. I'll follow college to graduation and then follow the best career path from there. Stay tuned. This is going to be interesting.